Things You Ought To Know As A Uber Driver

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Earning something you'd be able to live comfortably

Uber is everywhere, tons of people are taking up the opportunity of raking in some bucks. For people that are considering being a driver, it is most important to think about how much you can earn. Uber is popular because it uses crowd-sourced drivers and they have to use their own cars. For lots of reasons, this sits well with users and this makes it widely used.

Traditional Taxi Associations

Unfortunately, Uber sometimes have problems with the government and of course, the traditional taxi associations. Uber has always argued that its drivers are equipped to live very good from the services they render, but there have been varying feedback from the drivers;

the real workers. The first things to consider before signing up for over is to have a good car and time. Also, the following factors should be considered;









How To Make Customers

Uber is a very good way to make money. There is a very great possibility of earning something you'd be able to live comfortably with.

You can only make this money if you have more customers. Opting to drive full time or part time on free ride lyft depends on you and your money needs.

Do note that you have social security and tax to consider because you are self-employed, you can only do this by yourself.


How To Maximise Your Profit

By Patrick H. Brandon

The basic reason people venture into any kind of business is to make money. Even those who have got a steady income are still looking towards raking in more.


By Z.Thompson

If you drive Uber and you are particular about making as much as you possibly can, you can make this happen by making sure you are active during demand peak hours. At this time, there would be a lot of customers waiting for you.

A lot of customers waiting for you

By Eddie A. Medina

Also, you have to use a vehicle with low fuel consumption. A fuel efficient vehicle makes sure you don't spend most of your proceeds on topping up your fuel tank.

By Michael C. Pier

Another good way you can make much from Uber is to build a strong network. This, you can do by being a good driver and give the best of services to your customers.



There is something called rating on Uber and it is essentially used to score the services provided by Uber driver. Uber users give ratings and you get a pleasant rating on average, you get to have more customers.


Uber Gets Their Commission

Uber serves as a link between you and your customers. They provide a platform where you can meet your customers. Of course, they would want something out of it to so, you have to pay a commission to them and this actually depends on how many customers that find you through the service. Uber is not responsible for your car maintenance Well, you don't exactly work for them, you work for yourself. They only help in helping you get your customers. You have to bear this in mind and know that everything your car needs have to be provided by you. You have to buy fuel and also, you are responsible for footing whatever bill repairs and maintenance might incur. You would even have to maintain your car more because you use it frequently. For example, your tyres and brakes will have increased wear and tear and you always have to repair them. Also, you have to check the car engine regularly and change the oil in the vehicle as often as you can.


You Need A Vehicle Insurance




Nobody really does like paying for insurance, it always seems like a whole lot of unnecessary cost, but we are always wrong about that, aren't we? In the case of Uber also, chances are that it would seem like some cost you shouldn't have to pay, after all, you are a careful driver. )




The thing is Uber does give you the chance to make a relatively sufficient living. This is especially for people who loathe the conventional 9 am to 5 pm job and would do anything not to get stuck in them. So if you look at it this way, it is really not difficult to make sure you stay in business and this you can do by taking care of your vehicle.




Having a valid insurance is a way you can take care of your vehicle. The Uber service provides you with the choice and absolute option of being active and operating at your own pace- that is you get to drive whenever you want. However, you have to weigh your chances carefully before you decide to stick with it as a job or make a career out of it.

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